Silent Tribute


In the 150th anniversary of Govt. College of Art & Craft we may remind that Dr. Subimalendu Bikas Sinha as a teacher and artist has added some of his exceptional achievement being the glorious record of this college history. Some of them are as follows:

1. Dr.S.B.Sinha is the first teacher in this college with Ph.D.  being the Ex-student of this institution.

2. After 100 years of ‘ Bageswary Shilpa  Prabandhabali’ by Abanindranath, Dr. S.B.Sinha’s, ‘Nandantatter Aloke Adhunik Chitrakala’ is the only book on aesthetics among all the books written by the teacher of G.C.A.C. It is the selected book of Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation. W.B. for the collection in Govt. Libraries.

3. Dr. S.B.Sinha is the only teacher in the 150 years history of this college (also all over India till now from Fine Arts) who has been honoured by the award of ‘Indo-Hungarian Educational Exchange Programme 2006-07 fellowship by the Hungarian Govt. with the award of a Long-Term Scholarship through the courtesy of University Grants Commission, India and being only one from West Bengal.

4. If we count Govt. College of Art & Craft and The Indian College of Arts & Draftsmanship together, Dr. S.B.Sinha  is the first regular Principal (I I have been.C.A.D.) with proper U.G.C. criteria in all.

5. Dr. S.B.Sinha is the first teacher in the history of G.C.A.C. and I.C.A.D.  who is awarded Emeritus Fellowship  by the U.G.C., New Delhi.

6. He is actively associated and took part in the World Peace Movement of I.S.I.S.R. in collaboration with U.N.O.

7. He teaches Jaipur Fresco Painting (with Italian Fresco and Tempera Fresco) regularly through Indian Society for Art & Aesthetics in India and abroad aiming at the revival of indigenous heritage technique.

8. Always he is actively participating National & International seminar/conference/workshop/Exhibition to spread aesthetic awareness among the scholars and the mass.

9. He is equally expert in many medium of expression in visual art and also in Restoration work.

10. Among all he has established his strong individuality in creation specially in Oil Painting, Fresco, Mural, Print making, Enamel painting, Water colour, Drawing, Oil Sketch, etc. which inspires present generation artists and students.


Kalyani Sinha,

Rabindra Sangeet Artist,

All India Radio